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Discover Our 1V Connectors

Anticipation is building as we prepare to launch our highly innovative 1V connectors, adding another dimension to our geodesic dome construction solutions. Alongside our renowned Starplate connectors, these offerings are set to revolutionize the way geodesic domes are built around the globe.

1V Connectors: Stability and Flexibility Redefined

Crafted from robust alloys, our 1V connectors stand out for their exceptional stability and flexibility in dome assembly. These connectors are designed with ease of use in mind, providing varied joint capacities that make them ideal for a range of applications, from greenhouse construction to playhouses and storage structures. Their versatility extends to accommodating different pipe diameters and facilitating the assembly of multi-angle joints, ensuring the creation of a robust and adaptable structure.

Starplate Connectors: Streamlined Simplicity

Complementing our 1V connectors are our well-established Starplate connectors. Engineered for efficiency, these connectors simplify dome construction with a pre-engineered system designed for creating geodesic shapes. Featuring a precision-cut design, Starplate connectors enable quick assembly, minimizing the need for additional tools or technical expertise. Ideal for DIY builders, educators, and anyone seeking a straightforward approach to geodesic structure creation, Starplate connectors offer adaptability for constructing various dome sizes and shapes, making them an excellent choice for hobbyists and educational projects.

A Comprehensive Solution for Diverse Projects

Imagine combining the strength and flexibility of our 1V connectors with the simplicity and ease of assembly provided by Starplate connectors. The result is a comprehensive solution for geodesic dome projects of all types. Whether you’re envisioning a greenhouse, playful structures like playhouses, or functional spaces such as storage units, our connectors offer a reliable, straightforward, and versatile building experience.

Stay tuned as we unveil our 1V connectors, soon to be available for purchase worldwide. Join us in transforming geodesic dome construction into an exciting and accessible endeavor for builders, creators, and enthusiasts alike.