Ekokoy Starplate 1v Geodesic Dome Connector, Hub

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Ekokoy Star Connection is an ideal solution for creating flexible, durable and modular structures in different projects. 1V Geodesic Dome Elements are available in a variety of sizes and material options, making it easy to adapt to different projects. Technical Details and Areas of Use: 1V Geodesic Dome Elements emphasize that the dimensions of the structure change as the length of the wooden or iron profile between the connections changes.

For example:
7.5 m² area is obtained with a 2 meter long profile.
An area of 17 m² is obtained with a 3 meter long profile.
An area of 30 m² is obtained with a 4 meter long profile.
The thickness of the profiles should be between 3.8-4 cm. For the winter version, standard dimensions such as OSB and Boardex can be taken as basis (120×240 cm). In this case, an area of 10 m² can be covered with 2.4 meter profiles and minimum waste can be caused during coating. All water resistant fabrics are also alternatives.

1V Geodesic Dome Elements can be used in a variety of projects. Especially:

Chicken coops
Animal Shelters
Goods Warehouses
Children’s Playgrounds
Winter Gardens
Beach Shades
Festival Stands
Modular Shops

It is suitable for many structures such as. Its modular structure ensures that the structures are compatible and transitional with each other. Tarpaulins that can be used at connection points provide rain protection. Advantages: It offers flexible use and is suitable for different projects.
It is made of durable materials and has a long service life.
It provides quick and easy installation and requires minimum labor.
It has a modular structure and can be adjusted for different purposes.
Bring Your Creativity and Environmental Thoughts Together!
It offers a flexible, durable and modular construction solution for your projects. Explore now and bring your projects to life to create unique structures by combining your creativity and environmentalist thoughts!