Richard Buckminister Fuller

Buckminster Fuller is considered one of the most influential inventors of the 20th century. He is a figure known for his combination of architecture, engineering, design and futuristic thinking. Fuller is credited with the modern popularity of geodesic domes and is known for his work on these structures.

Fuller’s work and ideas have not only influenced the fields of architecture and engineering, but also addressed a wide range of issues related to the future of humanity, such as sustainability, energy efficiency and the effective use of the planet’s resources.

Fuller’s contributions have therefore influenced many aspects of the modern world and inspired future generations.

Buckminster Fuller has written many books and his work covers a wide range of topics. Here are some of his important books:

  1. Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth: The book Fuller presents as a guide for the future. It looks at how humanity is affecting the planet and how to use resources more efficiently.
  2. Critical Path: Fuller’s futuristic perspective on key turning points in human history.
  3. Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking: Fuller’s book about a geometric and mathematical approach to understanding how complex systems and structures are organized.
  4. No More Secondhand God: Fuller’s reflections on religious beliefs, universal principles, and human nature.
  5. Ideas and Integrities: A Spontaneous Autobiographical Disclosure: Fuller’s autobiographical account of his life, philosophy and work.

These books are important resources for understanding Fuller’s wide-ranging thoughts and vision.

We also recommend following the institute’s website, founded by his grandson Jaime Snyder.